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Criminal Prosecution & Defense

The law firm has varied experience and current portfolio involving cases for criminal prosecution and defense, ensuring that up-to-date laws and jurisprudence are applied, before and during the litigation process. Each case is handled, usually by a small team, who work closely with the client to ensure accurate data gathering, witness assistance and proper documentation, which are all vital to the success of criminal litigation.

Family Law

The law firm always gave a major focus on the practice of family law, taking note of the emerging legal trends in Nullity of Marriage cases, Adoption, Guardianship, Judicial Recognition of Foreign Divorce and Property Settlement or issues of the like. It aims to give clients their desired results through strategic and thoughtful approach to meet the complexities brought about by sensitive family law issues.

Labor & Administrative Disputes

Propelled by the law firm’s diverse corporate clientele, its exposure to labor disputes is similarly wide and varied representing either the employer or the employee. The law firm likewise advises clients in resolving or averting possible labor issues by working closely with human resource managers. Individual clients however also count on the firm’s knowledge in handling labor complaints before labor agencies like the NLRC, POEA, OWWA and DOLE.

Land Disputes & Estate Settlement

Land cases have always been the core of the law firm’s civil practice. As a professor of law in the subjects of Property, Land Registration & Natural Law for more than fifteen (15) years, Atty. Ed Reyes III leads the firm in dealing with a whole gamut of land issues, from simple Ejectment cases to disoutes involving titling, ownership, possession & other related actions.

In the area of Estate Settlement, clients are assisted to comply with a myriad of legal concerns that start even before petitions for these proceedings would commence. Services are also offered by the firm to comply with estate tax obligations, publication, accounting, along with court actions, if needed, to preserve and distribute estate assets in a manner most beneficial to the client.

Commercial Law

While more and more corporations and investors project a global outlook, the law firm adapts by ensuring that both foreign and local clients’ legal needs are readily met by guiding and assisting them through the challenges posed in areas of SEC and other government licensing, accreditation, investment, accounting, brokerage, and dispute resolution.

The law firm corporate clients also rely on the firm for issues that involve court litigation, human resource compliance, collection, contract drafting and review, corporate due diligence investigation and property procurement, and all matters relevant to their specific field of operations.

Civil Cases, Tort Actions & Appellate Practice

The firm represents clients in Civil Cases such as those arising from Torts, Banking and Credit Transactions, Loan Agreements and Contract Breach, as well as those that require Injunction Proceedings. Similar to criminal litigation, these cases are usually handled by a legal team who works closely with the client for proper representation in Court, and who provide other legal support services to in relation to each particular case.

The firm handles cases appealed to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. It is the firm’s avowed policy to exhaust every legal remedy available to the client for as long as the client is on board.

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